You work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment and are responsible for clients' most sensitive data - their financial details...

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The Challenge for Financial Services

There is a huge range of businesses that fall under the umbrella term of ‘financial services’. What unites you is the challenges you face.

From regulatory changes and compliance to digital transformation, your industry is evolving fast. Managing these changes and future proofing your organisation is key.

Solving the Challenge for Financial Services

You are trusted with the most sensitive data your clients have – their financial details. This makes your staff particularly attractive targets for phishing attacks.

Compared to other SAT solutions, it [Knowbe4] was just much more comprehensive and much easier to drive.
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State Owned European Bank

An essential element of your cyber security; breach detection software provides your business with constant monitoring and detection capabilities.

We already knew of F-Secure's heritage; Softwerx helped us deploy the RDS very quickly and efficiently.
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Next Generation Credit Card Provider

All financial institutions require comprehensive SIEM technology that continuously monitors, detects and defends the sensitive data you hold.

We selected it (AlienVault) based on the product depth and ease of deployment.
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Provider of Alternative Asset Services

A managed business continuity service keeps your data safe in a crisis and allows you to restore your business to a known, secure position.

Knowing you have a back-up is one thing; knowing that you can successfully restore data quickly is something entirely different.
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Mid Market Private Equity Firm

A vulnerability management solution provides the identification and management of both internal and external threats to your organisation.

It's obviously difficult to know what you don't know; the vulnerability scan quickly highlighted our critical security holes.
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UK Pension Consulting Firm

Internet security is a comprehensive, borderless technology that enables the secure adoption and use of modern cloud computing systems and benefits.

Z-Scaler Private Access has literally changed the way we work as a business.
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London Based Venture Capital Firm

A good firewall will monitor traffic in both directions and work seamlessly with your other preventative security measures.

The Softwerx team gave us a jargon-free technical presentation that made it easy for us to make an informed decision.
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Leading UK Accountancy Firm

The majority of cyber breaches are related, intentionally or inadvertently, to incoming or outgoing email, you need email security.

There didn't seem to be a lot that the Softwerx guys didn't know about Mimecast - thoroughly recommend
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Defects Insurance Specialist

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