Your priority is your students; their welfare and education, you operate in a governed and scrutinised world...

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The Challenge for the Education Sector

Pupils and parents alike, expect and demand that today’s learning environment provides the very best opportunity for advancement.

To achieve this a modern educational environment is reliant upon a digital structure that is safe and secure, as well as being easy to access and efficient.

Solving the Challenge for the Education Sector

You have a duty of care to hundreds/thousands of young people and your staff are high value targets for phishing attacks.

We've resolved or at least improved a significant risk within the College.
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College in the South East

An essential element of your cyber security; breach detection software provides your business with constant monitoring and detection capabilities.

We went from knowing very little about Breach Detection to a solution in place within weeks.
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Midlands Based Business College

The education sector has one of the highest rates of ransomware attacks and compliance is key.

The AlienVault solution is both extremely in-depth, but at the same time it's [AV] is simple to navigate.
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London based Secondary School

With so many users you are particularly at risk of phishing and ransomware, a good continuity solution is vital.

We wanted a guaranteed level of certainty with regard to our data - and that’s what we have.
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Globally Renowned UK University

Your business requires the processing of personal data for thousands of children and young adults. Determined hackers continually threaten your cyber security posture.

The really worrying thing is that we had probably had these vulnerabilities in our website for months, maybe even years.
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Alternative Provision Academy

Internet security is a comprehensive, borderless technology that enables the secure adoption and use of modern cloud computing systems and benefits.

I can't speak highly enough about the Softwerx technical team. Helpful and supportive.
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Leading UK University

A good firewall will monitor traffic in both directions and work seamlessly with your other preventative security measures.

Softwerx are knowledgeable and efficient - we have a new security partner!
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Independent Educational Trust

The majority of cyber breaches are related, intentionally or inadvertently, to incoming or outgoing email, you need email security.

Deployment was much less painful than we expected, with hardly any disruption.
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Academy Trust School

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