You are highly regulated and operating within tight margins...

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The Challenge for Construction

This industry is competitive and generally operates against tight margins.

It’s also highly-regulated and a serious contravention may be difficult to recover from. Construction professionals need to know they have a robust cyber security posture.

Solving the Challenge for Construction

You handle significant transactions on a daily basis. This makes your staff particularly attractive targets for phishing attacks.

The training was great value and surprisingly easy to implement.
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International Construction Company

An essential element of your cyber security; breach detection software provides your business with constant monitoring and detection capabilities.

Thanks to Softwerx we have a solution that’ll let us know if a breach happens before we lose too much.
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Leading Groundworks Contractor

All financial institutions require comprehensive SIEM technology that continuously monitors, detects and defends the sensitive data you hold.

Our IT team are happier and our systems are more robust!
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Timber Manufacturer

A managed business continuity service keeps your data safe in a crisis and allows you to restore your business to a known, secure position.

Finding out our backups hadn't been working was pretty scary. Now we know they do.
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Leading House Builder

A vulnerability management solution provides the identification and management of both internal and external threats to your organisation.

With regular scans it is Softwerx who tell us about any issues - not our customers!
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Leading South East Based Building Contractor

Internet security is a comprehensive, borderless technology that enables the secure adoption and use of modern cloud computing systems and benefits.

With Zscaler our workforce are secure and a lot more productive.
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Mid Market Asset Maintenance Company

A good firewall will monitor traffic in both directions and work seamlessly with your other preventative security measures.

Our customers are more confident in us now we have Cyber Essentials.
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South London Builders Merchants

The majority of cyber breaches are related, intentionally or inadvertently, to incoming or outgoing email, you need email security.

It is a real load off my mind, I know people won't be clicking anything they shouldn’t because the emails won't get through.
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Regional Civil Engineering Contractor

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